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CRACK Sony Vegas Pro 12 Build 486 (64 Bit Patch-KHG) [ChingLiu] [Updated-2022]




fixes: #189269 Launchpad bug 189269 in flashplugin-nonfree "firefox do not start with x64 package" [Undecided,Fix released] ^^ that right, thank you np I'm going to get more on this bug tomorrow It seems to be more hardware than software yep Might get someone at sony or ati to look into it does flash 10 play ogg? micahg: in lucid? no idea, we don't have flashplugin-nonfree yofel: this bug is with the gnash version in Lucid yofel: but the user didn't have gnash installed yofel: he just ran flash 10, but I don't think gnash would play ogg if he had it installed I could be wrong micahg: did the bug tell that he used a totem plugin for playing ogg files? yofel: I couldn't tell if the user mentioned that yofel: I can remove gnash from the archive if you want that's not a bad idea if gnash really doesn't play ogg yofel: I think I already did yofel: user should be able to remove flash 10 if flashplugin-installer works for him yofel: I just spoke to someone at VPS on the sony xperia of a user who is trying to get flash installed. It appears to be hardware specific there might be some sony-xperia specific changes coming in lucid. They are very slow at getting support for anything new oh, flash 10 doesn't work with ogg does flash 10 play mp4? no




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CRACK Sony Vegas Pro 12 Build 486 (64 Bit Patch-KHG) [ChingLiu] [Updated-2022]

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